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Gas lighting used to be common around the world in our cinemas and other places of entertainment. These days, electricity from the mains grid is more commevening uk lotto resultson. The gas lit Hyde Park Picture House in Leeds, opened in 1914, has received £2.4m in Heritage Lottery Funding for its continued operation for, hopefully, another century or more. It is one of the oldest cinemas in the country still in use for its original purpose. Gas lit, Hyde Park looks back to yesteryear in its outlook and aesthetic.

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God's favor: 82-year-old woman suffering from breast cancer wins $7 million in lottery ticket

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Fanatic Australians have always played a pivotal role in the Olympics, but earlier this year they ranked 10th on the Rio Oevening uk lotto resultslympics medal table, compared with 4th in Sydney in 2000 and 3rd in Athens four years later. decline.

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The first ticket came back with nothing but the second ticket revealed a lot of zeros. Mr Foster said he “froze” but handed it to the shop manager for confirmation. When the machine said the player should contact the lottery organiser, he knew he had won a big prize. The US has a private medical insurance system. Some of the money will go towards costs not covered by his policy. The cancer patient won lottery prize big enough to cover this and to put enough money aside for a rainy day.

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